Thursday, June 30, 2011

Gallery - Persuasion (2007)

On the Cobb in Lyme
The Party at Lyme
ITV Banner
Behind the Scenes - Filming in Bath
Admiral Croft
Charles Musgrove
Lady Dalrymple
Elizabeth Elliot
Captain Frederick Wentworth
Henrietta Musgrove
Anne Elliot
Louisa Musgrove
Mary Musgrove
Mr. Musgrove
Mrs. Musgrove
Lady Russell
Mrs. Croft
Sir Walter Elliot
Mrs. William Elliot
Publicity Shot - Anne Elliot
Publicity Shot - Elizabeth, Anne & Mary
Publicity Shot - The Elliot Family
Behind the Scenes - Proposal Scene
Publicity Shot - Sir Walter Elliot
Behind the Scenes - Rupert Penry-Jones
Publicity Shot - Frederick & Anne
Behind the Scenes - Rupert Penry-Jones
Publicity Shot - Anne Elliot
ITV Frederick & Anne Wallpaper
ITV Anne Wallpaper
ITV Frederick Wallpaper
Fanart Wallpaper


  1. Oh my...I loved this version. The running scene, not terribly great but I loved how it increased the tension for the viewer. I loved the casting...the actors seemed age appropriate for the story. Persuasion 1995 was acted beautifully but the actors seemed too old for the supposed age of 27 of these actors. This was well done.

  2. I adore this version too. Is so sentimental...