Thursday, June 30, 2011

Gallery - Emma (1996)

Mrs. Elton & Jane Fairfax
Emma Woodhouse
Visiting the Bates
Picnic at Box Hill
Knightley & Emma at Donwell Abbey
Publicity Photo - Emma Woodhouse
The Weston's Christmas Party
Mr. Knightley
Emma & Mr. Knightley
Emma & Harriet Strawberry Picking
Emma & Mrs. Weston
Publicity Photo - Emma Woodhouse
Mr. Elton & Mrs. Weston admire Emma's painting
Mrs. & Miss Bates
Frank Churchill & Mrs. Weston
Miss Bates, Frank & Jane Churchill & Mrs. Bates
Emma Woodhouse
Mr. & Mrs. Weston
Emma at Box Hill
Artist & muse
Emma & Harriet decode riddle
Mr. Frank Churchill
Emma & Harriet apple picking
Emma & Knightley at Ball
Happily Ever After

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