Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Real Jane Austen (2002)

The best documentary about the life of Jane Austen! Narrated by actor and great-grand-niece Anna Chancellor this is a lovely look at the short but fairly happy life of The Authoress. There are lovely scenes of Steventon and other places where she lived and wrote about. Actors play some historic characters mixed with much archive footage of film adaptations.

Summary: Through readings and dramatic reconstructions, The Real Jane Austen pieces together the reality of Austen's existence: her modest upbringing in Hampshire as one of seven children of a clergyman; her disappointment in love; and the family's poverty following the death of her father.

Director & Producer: Nicky Pattison
Executive Producer: Franny Moyle
Costumes: Dinah Collin
Original Music by: Lesley Barber
Release Date: UK - 30 December 2002
Running Time: 60 minutes


Anna Chancellor as Narrator

Gillian Kearney as Jane Austen

Jack Davenport as Henry Austen

Lucy Cohu as Cassandra Austen

Phyllis Logan as Mrs. Austen

John Standing as Mr. Austen

Ben Illis as James Austen

Oliver Chris as Tom Lefroy

Wendy Craig as Mrs. Lefroy

Beth Winslet as Fanny Knight

Patrick Connolly as Harris Bigg

Lauren Birch as Baby Jane Austen

Judith French as Jane's schoolmistress

Danielle Green as Young Cassandra Austen

Lara Harvey as Young Jane Austen

Many Other Actors from clips of these film adaptations:

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The Real Jane Austen - Part 1 of 8

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  1. I watched this recently and loved it!! I liked the person who acted Jane Austen. Also it being narrated by her niece (and "Miss Bingley") was very fun. =) I love the clips they show of JA's life, almost like a movie! Also the soundtracks were neat. I recognized S&S and Emma (1996), and thought that the rest might be Manfield Park (1999), and found out I was right when I got the soundtrack from the library (although I do not condone the movie). I do wish they would have had P&P music, though. :-/